Parts -Maintenance-Repair

Split Tail Cycles LLC

We offer general maintenance and repair services to keep your Harley-Davidson© motorcycle running                                     in top condition and we are dedicated to keeping you safe on the road.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

                                                                        Oil Changes (Engine, Primary & Transmission)

                                                                        Factory H-D Maintenance 1k, 5k & 10k etc..*

                                                                        Tire & Brake Services

                                                                        Performance Upgrades (Exhaust, Air Filters & Cams)

                                                                        Motorcycle Detailing Services (Wash, Wax, Buff & Polishing)

                                                                        Aftermarket Parts  & Accessories
*We follow H-DTM maintenance schedules and our technicians are certified

by H-DMotor CompanyTM